Home Inspection Schematic

Home inspection schema

1.Gable Stud 21.Double Plate 41.Foundation Footing 61.Building Paper 81.Stair Tread
2.Collar Beam 22.Entrance Canopy 42.Paper Strip 62.Pilaster 82.Finish Stringer
3.Ceiling Joist 23.Garage Cornice 43.Drain Tile 63.Rough Header 83.Stair Rail
4.Ridge Board 24.Facia 44.Diagonal Sub Floor 64.Window Stud 84.Balusters
5.Insulation 25.Door Jamb 45.Foundation Wall 65.Cornice Moulding 85.Plaster Arch
6.Chimney Cap 26.Garage Door 46.Sill Plate 66.Facia Board 86.Mantel
7.Chimney Flues 27.Downspout Shoe 47.Backfill 67.Window Casing 87.Floor Joists
8.Chimney 28.Sidewalk 48.Termite Shield 68.Lath 88.Bridging
9.Chimney Flashing 29.Entrance Post 49.Window Well 69.Insulation 89.Lookout
10.Rafters 30.Entrance Platform 50.Grade Line 70.Wainscoting 90.Attic Space
11.Ridge 31.Stair Riser 51.Basement Sash 71.Baseboard 91.Metal Lath
12.Roof Boards 32.Stair Stringer 52.Window Well 72.Building Paper 92.Window Sash
13.Stud 33.Girder Post 53.Corner Brace 73.Finish Floor 93.Chimney Breast
14.Eave Gutter 34.Chair Rail 54.Corner Stud 74.Ash Dump 94.Newel
15.Roofing 35.Clean out Door 55.Window Frame 75.Door Trim-Casing  
16.Blind or Shutter 36.Furring Strips 56.Window Light 76.Fireplace Hearth  
17.Bevel Siding 37.Corner Stud 57.Wall Studs 77.Floor Joists  
18.Goose neck 38.Girder 58.Header 78.Stair Riser  
19.Downspout Strap 39.Gravel Fill 59.Window Cripple 79.Fire Brick  
20.Downspout Leader 40.Concrete Floor 60.Wall Sheathing 80.Newel Cap

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A standard home inspection specifically, the American Society of Home Inspector’s Standards of Professional Practice herein referred as ASHI. The home inspection is the process of by which an inspector visually examines the readily accessible component(s) and system(s) of a home and which describes those component(s) and system(s) in accordance with ASHI.

The home inspector, house engineer reports on the conditions of the component(s) (parts of a system(s)), and system(s) (a combination of interacting or independent components, assembled to carry out one or more functions) of the home. House engineers, inspectors do not pass or fail the home(s). House engineers, inspectors does not evaluate the home for cost value,but reports objectively in writing the conditions of the home’s major systems, as they appear and operate at the time of the inspection. The home engineer, inspector is a generalist and not an expert by any means in every craft or profession. The client understands that the inspection and the report are an unbiased opinion based upon the experience of the House Inspector/House Engineer. The home inspection is intended to provide the clients(s) with the important information regarding the conditions of the readily accessible component(s) and system(s) of the home, at the time of the inspection. ASHI has general and specific limitations to a home inspection and has the home inspector who is to perform the home inspection. The issue of safety comes first. Then the risk of property damage, and in the event of any other reasons, deemed by the inspector, as to the preventing of the examination of any part of the home inspection that the house inspector would normally have completed but could not because of any number of circumstances, that will be included in the home inspection report.Weather may also be a factor as it often is. All the prudent information from the home inspection will be include in the home inspection report and shall remain the exclusive property of the client(s)

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