Home Inspection, Building Inspection

Home Inspection and Building Inspection include the following services and much more

  • Sidewalk
  • Walkways and Pavers
  • Stoops and Porches
  • Drainage
  • Drywells
  • Grading
  • Car Garage
  • Fencing
  • Decks and Patios
  • Roofing/shingles
  • EMF Reading
  • Asbestos
  • Chimney and Fireplaces
  • Gutters and Leaders
  • Structure and Frame
  • Foundation/Basement
  • Basement/Crawlspace
  • Attic and Roof
  • Plumbing system
  • Heating system
  • Cooling system
  • Electrical system
  • Swimming Pool
  • Moisture Detection
  • Insulation
  • Ventilation
  • Crawlspace
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Bathroom/s
  • Kitchen/s
  • Appliances
  • Smoke Alarms/CO2
  • Termite

Korine Associates does Home Inspection and Building Inspection on several locations in Long Island and New York. Korine Associates are located in Long island and we do home inspection and building inspection in all the cities of New York.

Our Home Inspection Reports Include

  • In depth on-site full verbal report, consultation and recommendation.
  • Customized 25 page typewritten report (much more in-depth than the hand written ‘on-site’ check list style report).
  • Comprehensive description, evaluation, and condition of all major components systems and remaining life expectancies.
  • Easy to read report format, broken down by subjects and components.
  • Numerous specific suggestions and recommendations.
  • Rapid turnaround written report is mailed / faxed within 24 hours of inspection.
  • FHA termite certificate by licensed exterminator
  • Free “Home Maintenance Suggestions” guide!

Other Optional Home Inspection Services

  • Lead in paint test
  • Radon screening
  • Soil test
  • Water test & analysis
  • Asbestos testing
  • Environmental package
  • Mold Tests and Analysis

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Mold Inspection Service – In mold inspection, we identify that in how many places the mold is present and how it can affect the health. We also provide you with a report in which we mention the areas that are affected by the mold.

Inspection for Termites:Termites are usually observed under the surface of visible wood beams structural elements. This results in the decomposition of wood and also decreases the life of a home. Our home inspection Long Island team keeps an eye on all these elements.

Indoor Air Quality :The indoor air quality of a home plays a vital role in the health of the occupants. Our home inspector Long Island will perform a thorough analysis to inspect the quality of air of a home.

home inspection long island

Asbestos Inspection: The presence of asbestos fibers can increase the chances of lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Keeping this in mind, the use of asbestos is banned in new construction in many developed countries. Our home inspection team checks the presence of asbestos present in the home visually.

Water Inspection : Water pollution occurs when undesirable foreign particles are introduced into natural water like lead and minerals. In our water inspection service, we check the quality of water, whether it is fit for consumption or not.

Electromagnetic Field – Frequently, in areas which are close to transformers or high voltage electrical cables tehre is higher electromagnetic field radiation. Some reports and studies have suggested that exposure to high electromagnetic field (2.5 mG+) radiation may cause some health problems such as cancer, leukemia and birth defects. Please note that there is no conclusive studies or EPA set of guidelines.

Lead in Paint – Many houses built before 1978 have paint that contains lead. Lead from paint, chips and dust can pose serious health hazards if not taken care properly. Lead exposure can harm adult but especially, pregnant women, young children and babies. Children with high level can suffer from damage to the brain and nervous system. Sellers have to disclose known information on lead-base paint hazard before selling a house. Buyers have up to 10 days to check for lead hazard

Radon – Radon is radiactive gas produced by the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil. It readily seeps from the ground through tiny cracks in a building’s floor, foundation, or basement walls. It is a natural occurring hazard that is odorless, tasteless and invisible. The EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) estimates that indoor radon is second leading cause if lung cancer. The EPA recommends homeowners to take action if level of radon is greater thatn 4 pci/I. The only way to know radon present is to test.

Formaldehyde – Until 1982 A Urea-Formaldehyde was very popular insulation, altough it is good insulation it may omit a formaldehyde odor and it has been banded in most parts of United States. Formaldehyde is known to cause eye, nose and throat irritation, skin rash, severe allergic reactions, fatigue, headaches, dizziness and may cause lung cancer.

Water Purity Test – Drinking water is not pure! Among the most common impurities are excess chlorine, lead, acidity, alkalinity, dirt and rust. Any of these impurities can affect the health in addition to effect such as taste, odor and stains and color. The only way to know the water purifies is to test!

Korine Associates provides analytical and all environmental testing.